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2021 JMA sponsorship plan of graduation gift----Hong Kong Electric Go Kart race completed successfully

On May 29, Hong Kong Electric Go-Kart race has successfully completed in Chiu Chow Association Secondary School (Heng On Estate Ma On Shan Shatin New Territories).

The competition was hosted by BOYS' AND GIRLS' CLUBS ASSOCIATION OF HONG KONG and sponsored by JMA and Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged. The game brought Primary and secondary school teams from Hongkong.

The races were divided into primary and secondary school teams and had preliminary, shapes and final races.The game was eventually selected out the Renovation Award and Creative Award.




Award ceremony for Primary school team.

JMA CEO Mr. Ricky Chan (on the right) awards an appreciation award for the representatives



JMA CEO Mr. Ricky Chan (on the right) awards for the winning teams 

In the guest speech, CEO, Mr. Ricky Chan expressed the congratulations to the winning teams, holding the Hong Kong Electric Go-Kart race is to encourage the students to fully realize the relation between creative science and daily life by using creation, practice and knowledge related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics and encourage them to be active to explore science, not to fear the failure and try actively.

As a model enterprise in Hong Kong industry, JMA has cherished the philosophy that “Helping the Old and Supporting the Young”, we will never forget why we started, to fulfill our social responsibility and give back to the society with our effort.

Since 2006, JMA has held different projects with BOYS' AND GIRLS' CLUBS ASSOCIATION to award the students. In the future, we will continue to support the young in Hong Kong for their excellent quality development, at the same time, we hope the students will keep the passion for learning and take Life-Learn as their goal; embrace the change; face the challenges confidently in the changeable world and live a wonderful life. 




Founded in 1936, reorganized after the World War Ⅱ, officially registered as an organization on July 7th, 1951.The Boys & Girls Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA) is most longest serving period local non-government organizations and they are dedicated to the welfare of children and youth. The mission of the Association is to help children and youth attain a well-balanced moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development; to nurture children and youth to become contributing citizens; to strengthen the functioning of families; to raise parental and social awareness of our younger generations welfare, particularly of disadvantaged groups, and to strive for the rights to which they are entitled, through concerted efforts with service recipients and the general public.

The funds of the Association mainly come from government subsidies, donations from the Hong Kong Jockey Club, trust funds, member contributions and personal donations. The Association is headquartered at 3 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.