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Environmental protection, JMA has been in practicing

   It is the duty of every enterprise to realize the sustainable development of economy and environment.  Environmental protection is a daily work in JMA, and publicity and education on environmental protection are carried out all the time. 

    Since November 2020, we has held a variety activities, such as Q&A on environmental protection knowledge / co-governance home / environmental protection guardians, to further deepen all staff’s understanding about environmental protection.

    CO governance home –Let’s do it together. 

    We invited staff who has public affairs spirits to governance the plant, found out the sanitation problem of public area and solved it.  With the gradual progress of the activity, more and more colleagues joined us to co-governance home.

    Many staff participated in the knowledge Q&A activities, which can help them to acquire more environmental protection knowledge.

    Environmental protection guards –It’s everyone’s responsibility to love the earth.Make good use of resources and classify the garbage generated in life, and put them into the intelligent recycling bin. Through the activity, many staff realized that a simple action can promote the secondary utilization of resources, how meaningful it is.

   If everyone make a little step, and then the environment will move forward a huge step. 

   JMA‘s Environmental Policy is: As we are supplying high quality products and service to satisfy interested party requirements, we are continuously improving our products, activities and services to meet environmental protection requirements. We will stick to the policy and make greater contribution to environmental protection in the future.