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Promoting Innovation----Visit to Guangdong Science Center

    In order to promote the idea of “Innovation” in the company, we organized department head and technicians to visit and study at Guangdong  Science Center on May 30.

    There are total 11 theme pavilion in the Science Center,  “Childrens Wonderland, Green House, Space Dream, Perception and Thinking,…….” and the traffic pavilion is most attractive one for everyone.

    “Cardan Joints is a genius design,  if we can use it flexibly in our Mold fabrication, it will be very helpful,” expressed by one of collegues when visit the traffic pavilion.

    “Robots play soccer, robots play chess and robots play magic cubes”, many cutting-edge technologies are on display here.  In the future, robots will take place of more human work, but, “Innovation” is one of the things that can’t be replaced.

    During the visit, all colleagues were actively participant in experience the different themes which they are interested at.

    “I hope the visit will do a positive impact to you and the company.  Get in touch with new things will bring you more new ideas and suggestions ,”said by the company COO Mr Tonny NG.

    “Innovation is the long-term development goal of JMA.  We encourage staff to do small changes  in their work, small changes to improve product quality, small changes to improve work flow, or small changes to improve work efficiency.  Many small changes add up will do great help to the company, and will make our future development goal smooth.”