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Jing Mei Automotive Limited (hereafter stated as “JMA” ) was set up by Mr. Ricky Chan Wai Chung in 1998. Under the guidance of Mr. Chan Lai Shun, Mr. Ricky Chan flexibly applied the electroplating technology, and with his dedicated and innovative attitudes, successfully developed new business in automotive parts industry.

After 20 years of development with the advancing steps in automotive markets, JMA has become the preferred supplier of automotive manufacturers in global automotive parts industry. Until today, JMA has produced and sold over 300 million automotive door handles of various kinds, over 70 million external decorations, which have been sold to Europe, America and Japan. While consolidating and developing international markets, we constantly expand domestic market to establish a global marketing and production system step by step.

JMA has always insisted on providing superior products and service to customers from the first production line. As we enter the third decade of the company's development, we will comprehensively implement the core concept of “integrity & pragmaticism, be innovative & progressive, same heart & same value, sharing & win-win”, aiming at constructing a "diversified automotive parts supplier" with international competitiveness.

So far, JMA has over 2,000 employees in Mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas and established offices, factories and warehouses:

Hong Kong, China                                               Jing Mei Automotive Limited

Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China          Jing Mei Panyu Plastic and Metal Products Limited

                              Plating Plus Panyu Company Limited

Tianjin, China                                                      Jing Mei Panyu Plastic and Metal Products Limited Tianjin Branch

Chicago, USA                                                     Jing Mei Automotive (USA), Inc.

Wuhan,Hubei Province,China                            Jing Mei Automotive(Wuhan) Limited