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JMA offers market competitive remuneration, good working environment and managing culture, financial assistance for continuing studying and training of professional qualification and management skills, and with good medical and insurance scheme etc.

  • Laboratory Technician
  • Machines Maintenance Technician
  • Mould technician
  • Senior R & D (integrated R & D)

Laboratory Technician

Job requirements

- Technical secondary school or above major in chemistry and chemical engineering;
- Graduates with relevant basic requirements are preferred; if there is no work experience, they need to be trained.

Machines Maintenance Technician

Job requirements

- High school or above, electrician operation related major, electrician certificate;
- More than 2 years experience in maintenance, automation, mechanical maintenance, electrical equipment and maintenance experience;
- The ability to independently install equipment lines and install electric boxes independently, CAD drawing;
- Maintenance experience of plating machine or plastic machine;
- PLC programming is preferred.

Mould technician

Job requirements

- Obey the arrangement - industriousness and stamina;
- 4 years or above related work experience, fitter experience;
- Familiar with mold assembly, die matching and Fit die flow;
- Familiar with each machine tool and manufacturing process, can finish the die assembly independently according to the drawing.

Senior R & D (integrated R & D)

Job requirements

- Master degree or above in optics / image processing / Automation / Chemistry / computer science;
- More than three years of R & D experience;
- Proficient in automotive parts, such as handle, proficient in structural design;
- Familiar with mould, plastic, electroplating and assembly process;
- Proficiency in the use of research and development and system software;
- Familiar with the international workflow of product certification;
- Strong ability of organization, coordination, planning, control and response, and strong ability of product overall planning.