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We have recruited excellent, passionate and creative postgraduates, masters and university talents with ambitions from colleges and universities around the world to form a new generation of R&D team. Moreover, together with technicians with rich experience, we have practiced theory in mass production technology. 

We have a strict project approval system for products, abundant analysis and demonstration of technology and market. In addition, we have clear direction and orientation and established effective product planning, thus pushing forward targets successfully with efficient research and development.

We invest rich resources in research and development every year to purchase various advanced new R&D software and equipment.

    Mold Fabrication

    We have a professional injection mold design and manufacturing team and many CMM/CNC/EDM machine equipment to provide excellent design for precise and fine mold in the early design stage of injection molding parts, and then produce precise injection molds of high quality in the early stage of production, thus providing whole product solutions for customers. 

    Injection Molding

    We have the top class injection molding equipment from 180 to 1300 tons, which can not only satisfy capacity demands of customers, but also provide various product sizes for customers to choose. 
    We also have multicolor injection molding technology, which can make plastic parts with two or more colors at one time. 

    Automatic Buffing

    We have a large-scale mechanical buffing workshop, which can run efficiently under the control of standardized operation procedure, not only stabilizing products' quality, but also giving more cost advantages to products of customers. 
    At the same time, mechanical buffing can reduce the dust pollution, and create a more comfortable workshop, to realize the harmonious development of enterprise and employees, enterprise and environment.


    We have advanced electroplating production lines to satisfy customers‘ requirements, nylon, ABS and PC/ABS production lines. We can produce products of different colors, like chrome, matt chromeandblack chrome. Advanced electroplating production technology makes our products durable even in a complicated environment. 


    We have spray coating workers with rich experience and various spraying technology, providing more diversified selections for customers.


    We have independent automatic assembly production lines to satisfy customers‘ demand of assembling product components. 
    In the design stage of products, our design team has considerately thought over how to save assembly and transportation cost for you. 

    Production and quality management

    Quality Policy:We supply high quality electro-plated& plastic products at competitive cost with on-time delivery. We satisfy interested party requirements with continuous improvements.

    Quality Control :JMA has advanced production technology and has set up a professional R&D team to keep our technology level in the leading position of the industry through continuous improvement. Meanwhile, we apply the standardized operation process to effectively control product quality with automatic production equipment.